Tour Rankings

The IJGT is pleased to offer a ranking system that showcases the top players on the tour in each of the three divisions, throughout the IJGT season. The IJGT divisions include the Girls Division, Boys 17-19 Division and, Boys 16 and Under.

All participants are eligible to earn Merit Points toward the Tour Rankings. A player must have one (1) IJGT event within the season to be ranked and the best five (5) finishes will count towards the rankings.

If there are ties for a specific place, the IJGT Merit Points will be split evenly. For example, a three-player tie for 2ndPlace would result in each player receiving 850 Merit Points (2550 total points for 2nd, 3rd and 4th, divided evenly among three players). No points are awarded to players who do not finish the competition.

Place Points Place Points
1st 1500 6th 500
2nd 1000 7th 400
3rd 850 8th 300
4th 700 9th 200
5th 600 10th 100
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